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MF Hotel Rome - Surroundings - Things to do in and around PortaPia at our 3 star hotel, central Rome

Mf Hotel Rome


MF Hotel Rome
Near the hotel there is Porta Pia, famous for the "Breach" which led the Bersaglieri toconsolidate the unification of Italy in 1870.


MF Hotel Rome
The MF Hotel is also a short distance from Via Veneto, one of the main streets of Rome, famous throughout the world in Fellini's film "La dolce vita", nostalgic reconstruction of the Roman 60 years.


MF Hotel Rome
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The MF Hotel is a charming 3 star hotel in Rome located in the heart of the city, immediately behind the Villa Albani, one of the most beautiful villas of the eighteenthcentury in Rome, designed by the architect Carlo Marchionni in 1758 and owned by the Torlonia family; about 200 meters from the hotel is La Rinascente, one of the most important shopping centers in the center of Rome; built in the '50s by architects Albini and Helg, La Rinascente features a steel structure and grit pink the colour inspired by the chromaticity of the adjacent Aurelian Walls; the shopping centre, a real reference point for shopping in Rome, is open every day, Sundays included.


Within walking distance is the MACRO, the wonderful Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome. This collection bears witness to the period from the '60s to today, through the works of Italian artists of international renown, which appear alongside the protagonists of the last generations. The next moment the post-war period is documented by the work of some members of the group Forma 1: Carla Accardi, Antonio Sanfilippo, AchillePerilli, PieroDorazio, an imposing abstract pictorial language, to be contrasted with realism dominant in Italy. At the same time you define the new location of the sculpture, represented in the collection by Leoncillo, whose informal language material is strong emotionality and EttoreColla which assembles recycled materials to create totemic forms worn by time.

The collection documents the latest trends through personalities such as, just to name a few, Gianni Asdrubali exponent of Abstraction Povera, John Albanian that is ready made and the invention of a mechanical object in ironic and flamboyant, while Cristiano Pintaldi simulates brushes with the structure of the TV.

On top of Via Veneto, minutes away from the hotel, is the largest park in Rome: Villa Borghese. This Villa is composed of a vast park with paths, trees (there are more than 400 species of pine, bucolic sculptures of Bernini's father, Peter, and impressive sculptures by Giovanni Fontana water), small lakes (in the centre of the park is the "Garden of the Lake" in which there is an artificial lake with an Ionic temple to Aesculapius, the god of health, the work of Antonio Asprucci dating from the eighteenth century). From Belvedere Pincio there is a splendid view of the city. In this area you can visit three important Museums in Rome: The National Gallery of Modern Art (which includes works by Goya, Renoir, Van Gogh, Degas, Monet and many others), the Etruscan Museum and the Borghese Gallery with the famous sculptures Baroque Bernini.


A part of the Villa hosts the Zoo (Bioparco), recently renovated destination loved by adults and children. Another park next to the hotel is Villa Torlonia, designed by the Trevi Fountain neo-classical architect Giuseppe Valadier. Its construction began in 1806 at the request of Giovanni Torlonia and his son Alexander.

Abandoned for years, it was retaken by Mussolini who rented it for just one lira from Alessandro Torlonia. It was thus destined to house the dictator since the '20s. After 1945 its magnificence decayed as well as fascism and Mussolini.

Recent renovations have, however, returned the villa and the park to its original splendour. Part of the collection of sculptures of the Torlonia is now on display in its natural home. The park surrounding the villa is in an English style, intended as a public park since 1978. In these gardens there have been found several Jewish catacombs of the third and fourth centuries AD.

The area where the MF Hotel is situated is very well served by public transport: there are many and frequent buses that connect the hotel quickly to the main sights of Rome. Two of these monuments are indisputably the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. The Trevi Fountain is a masterpiece of the Italian Baroque and the Spanish Steps and its steps are one of the most famous sights of Rome, thanks to their popularity as a meeting point and for their location in the heart of the shopping area.


The MF Hotel is located near the metro station "Castro Pretorio" (Line B), which guarantees a fast connection to all parts of Rome.

So, visit Rome from the MF Hotel and you will have an unforgettable holiday!

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MF Hotel Rome
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